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Top 10 Best Discord Music Bots 2023 [YouTube/Spotify]

Music is an integral part of the Discord experience for many servers and communities. With some good Discord music bots that still work in 2023, you can give the members of your server and yourself a music treat that everyone deserves. No matter if you like YouTube, Spotify, or some other streaming service, these Discord server music bots are what you’ll ever need.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Discord music bots available today. From audio quality to expansive music libraries, these Discord good music bots have something for everyone. Not only the Discord working music bots, but you can also learn what they are and how you can integrate one into your own server and use it for free.

Top Best Discord Music Bots

What Are Discord Music Bots?

Discord music bots allow servers to play music directly within Discord. They can join voice channels and react to commands for playing, queuing, and skipping tracks. These handy bots eliminate the need for users to play music through a separate application. Discord music bots offer server DJs and members an easy way to control the tunes right within Discord.

With a quick command, you can get the party started and keep the music pumping in your voice channels. If you own any Discord channel or serve as a moderator, then you can take advantage of free Discord music bots that play Spotify to let the members of your server enjoy some music. If you are not using such bots, you should definitely give one a try today.

Top 10 Discord Music Bots 2023 That Still Work

Now you know what Discord music player bots are, it’s time to tell you about the best Discord music bots that support YouTube and Spotify in 2023. Remember that we have curated this list after reading their reviews and trying them ourselves. Every bot listed on this page is working, so you won’t really have issues with any of them. Let’s get started.

1. Hydra Bot

Hydra bot

Hydra Bot is a powerful music and moderation bot used by over 200k servers worldwide. It offers seamless playback of music on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other providers. Some key features include volume control, custom playlists, music queues, reaction roles, unlimited usage, moderator tools, and many more that aren’t available in other similar bots.

Server owners can also access an advanced dashboard to configure welcome messages, auto-roles, mod logs, and more. The premium version provides extra moderation filters and music quality. The premium version costs around $3.99 per month, and it can help you enjoy it even more. Installing the bot is pretty easy, too, as you just have to click on the Invite link on its official website.

2. MEE6

MEE6 Bot

MEE6 is a popular multi-purpose bot for moderation, welcome messages, and leveling up members. Its music player supports YouTube and SoundCloud integrations. Using its web dashboard, server owners can build automated welcome channels, customize member ranks/roles, and access moderation logs. Premium plans offer extras like custom commands and admins/mod roles.

MEE6 Bot is widely used due to its comprehensive mod tools and easy server management features. It comes with a lot of Plugins and Resources that you can enjoy after integrating the bot into your server. It is among the most popular Discord music bots right now, and it offers 3 different types of premium plans, which are listed below:

  • Monthly – $11.99
  • Yearly – $49.99
  • Lifetime – $89.99

3. Jockie Music

Jockie Music Bot

Jockie Music is a lightweight music bot that plays audio from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other platforms. Key features include music queues, volume control, looping, and rating songs. It has over 100+ commands for searching artists/songs and building playlists. The bot connects seamlessly to servers without any installation process.

However, it lacks advanced moderation tools compared to bots like Hydra. Nonetheless, it is ideal for simple music playback on Discord servers. If you are looking for a clean and easy-to-use Discord bot for music streaming, then you should definitely check this out. The developers of this bot keep releasing new updates for it, which makes it even better.

4. FredBoat


FredBoat focuses on music playback and mini-games for discord servers. It supports sites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and many more, which is definitely a good thing for all the music lovers on Discord. Users can manage playlists, shuffle songs, and adjust volumes in just a few clicks, which makes it easier for everyone to use it.

FredBoat recently added integration for playing quizzes and trivia games in voice channels. However, it does not offer robust moderation capabilities that you can find in other similar Discord music bots, but that ain’t a problem to worry about. Server owners use FredBoat mainly for its music function and small integrations with audio games.

5. Zandercraft


Zandercraft is a versatile bot catering to moderation, content sharing, and multimedia streaming. The bot is created by a Discord user named Zander, and there are multiple types of Zandercraft bots available out there. Alongside simple music playback using Spotify/YouTube Connect, it provides welcome messages, auto roles, modlogs, and permission resets.

Owners can link inputs from Imgur, Giphy, and some games in the Zandercraft Games bot. Premium plans enable extra commands and video streaming from sources like Netflix. Zandercraft’s wide feature set makes it a full-fledged tool for managing discord communities. There’s a dedicated Zandercraft bot available for Minecraft players named the Canadian Republic of Rangers.

6. Vexera


Vexera is a powerful Discord music bot that supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and local files. It features seamless music streaming, customizable equalizers, lyric search, and video playback. Server owners can create playlists, monitor queues, and set room-wide volume controls. Vexera’s dashboard provides conference features, tickets, and logger systems.

This bot is being used by more than 2 million Discord servers, which makes it one of the most popular bots among all. Recently, the developers have stopped letting users play music with this bot, and it was done because of YouTube restrictions; however, it does support a lot of streaming services. More information can be obtained from its official website.

7. LunaBot


LunaBot streams high-quality audio from YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Bandcamp, Viemo, Anghami, and other platforms in multiple languages. It has over 100 commands for controlling playback, building playlists, and searching songs. Server members can use commands like loop, queue, and jump to navigate tracks and control everything it offers.

LunaBot also supports streaming on Discord platforms like PS4. However, it lacks advanced moderation tools found in automated bots. It is installed on more than 8,00,000 Discord servers around the world, and if you are searching for a reliable and easy-to-use Discord music streaming bot, then you can’t find anything better than Luna Bot right now.

8. Nero Bot

Nero Bot

NeroBot is positioning itself as a full replacement for legacy bots with 450k+ users around the world. It focuses on lag-free audio playback from YouTube and SoundCloud using slash commands. Features include personalized equalization, queues, volume control, and automated text-to-speech. NeroBot can integrate permissions for blocking unauthorized users.

While basic, it delivers reliable music streaming performance optimized for voice channels. According to the Top.gg website, this bot offers a 99.9% uptime and zero lag when it comes to music streaming. Also, the servers who are currently using this bot have claimed that it offers very good music playback, and everyone loves it for its simple interface.

9. ChillBot


ChillBot provides calming music experiences through apps like YouTube Music, Radio, and SoundCloud. Its customized music recommendation system creates relaxing playlists based on member preferences. Other features are audio control pads, real-time lyric displays, shuffle, repeat, volume control, universal search, and many more.

ChillBot is suitable for yoga studios, cafes, or wellness communities seeking simple bots for ambient sounds. Audio quality and social features are prioritized over complex integrations. While this bot is not as popular as other bots listed on this page, it is definitely worth trying if you are searching for the best Discord music bots 2023.

10. Green-Bot


Green-Bot is known for its robust music client for streaming services like Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more. It supports features like volume control, queues, automated messages, and auto playlists. The bot’s custom control panel allows managing music across servers. Green-Bot also offers an API for developers to build music add-ons.

Its premium SDK enables fully branded music solutions. However, Green-Bot lacks moderation tools offered by multi-purpose bots. It is a very stable bot, and you don’t really have to pay anything to use it, as it is completely free. Green Bot is being used by more than 50 million users around the world, and you should try it once to learn more about its amazing features.

How To Install Discord Bots On Your Server?

Now, you know everything about the best Discord bots in 2023, but if you are clueless when it comes to installing these bots on your servers, they are of no use. If you own any Discord server or serve as an administrator/moderator, then you have the right to install a bot on the server. Not only Discord music bots, but you can also install all other types of bots on Discord servers by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open the Discord bot’s installation page.
  • Now click on the Invite or Add To Discord option on the page.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and you will be redirected to Discord.
  • Now click on the Add To Server or Select Server option.

Select Discord Server

  • If you manage multiple servers, then select one from the list.
  • Once selected, the bot will make a connection to the bot.
  • Click on the Continue button and authorize the bot.
  • Simply click on Allow or Authorize button at the bottom.

Authorize Discord Bot

  • Wait for a few seconds until the bot authenticates your installation.
  • Once done, open your Discord server on which you’ve installed it.
  • If you have done everything correctly, then you will see a message in the server like “Thank you for adding [bot name] to your server.”
  • Now, you can continue exploring all the available features of the installed bot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although we have mentioned everything about each bot listed above, you might have some questions running through your mind. Don’t worry; we have already answered the most common questions related to the Discord music bot that plays YouTube, and you can read their answers to know more about them.

Why Is Google Shutting Down Discord Music Bots?

Google is issuing copyright strikes to many popular music bots like Groovy and Rythm. As these bots allow playing copyrighted music without permission, Google is asking Discord to remove such bots from its platform. Many music bots faced shutdown notices while some migrated to other platforms like Telegram, but you can use the ones we have listed here.

Are There Any Discord Music Bots Left?

Yes, there are still many music discord bots available that haven’t received copyright strikes so far. Some popular functioning ones include Fredboat, lightning, Jazzbot, and ChillBot. These bots manage to operate by restricting access to playlists or copyrighted music. Users can hope these bots continue their service by adapting to changing policies.

Can You Use Discord Music Bots On Phone?

Yes, you can definitely use Discord music bots on your phone if you have the Discord mobile app installed. Once you add any music bot to your server on any device, its features will be accessible on the Discord app as well, irrespective of the device you are using. You can use command-based music bots by typing their prefix and commands directly on chat.

Are Discord Music Bots Safe?

Most popular discord music bots that are well maintained are safe to use. However, users must always check the source of any bot before adding it to the server. They should preferably use services mentioned on trusted databases like Bot List. Users are also advised to carefully review the permission requirements before granting access.

Can Anyone Add A Bot To A Discord Server?

No, not; anyone can add a bot to a Discord server without permission. To add a bot, you need the “Manage Server” permission, which is generally available to roles like Server Owner, Admin, etc. Normal members won’t be able to add external bots. The server owner or anyone with requisite permission needs to invite the bot using its client ID.

Final Words

Discord music bots can bring an exciting new dynamic to your server’s social experience and give all your members a music feast they’ve never imagined. With their expansive music libraries and DJ command sets, these Discord music bots make it easy to keep the tunes pumping throughout your entire server as long as you want.

Don’t forget that with the right music bot; your server can become the hottest musical hub on Discord. We have mentioned the best Discord music bots 2023 on this page, and we hope they are working fine for you. Keep visiting the ThinAirApps website, as we will keep this list of the most popular Discord music bots updated with more new ones.