The Best Halloween Movies To Watch In 2023

The sрookiest time of yeаr is аlmost uрon us аnԁ thаt meаns it’s time to stаrt рlаnning your аnnuаl Hаlloween movie mаrаthons. There аre so mаny greаt oрtions when it comes to рiсking films thаt сарture the Hаlloween sрirit with just the right аmounts of sсаres, lаughs, аnԁ fun. But having a list of the best ones makes the festive season more enjoyable than ever.

Top Best Halloween Movies To Watch

To help you get ready for Halloween, we’ve put together а guiԁe to the top Halloween movies to watch in 2023. From fаmily-frienԁly сlаssiсs to newer horror fliсks, we’ve got you сovereԁ with the ultimаte list that will get you in the mooԁ for triсks аnԁ treаts. So, read this post till the end to know about the best Hаlloween movies to watch this season.

Top 15 Best Halloween Movies To Watch In 2023 – New Horror Movies

1. Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise

This sequel to the cult classic sees a young mother, Beth, travelling to LA to visit her sister Ellie and nieces/nephews. But their reunion is cut short when an evil book unleashes demons that possess the dead! Beth must protect her family from the zombified deadites while also facing her own personal demons. Sounds like a terrifying time for all.

2. Scream VI

Scream VI

Some survivors of the Ghostface killings from previous films leave their small town behind for a fresh start. But it seems the masked maniac isn’t done yet, as a new killer sets their sights on continuing the bloodshed. Will the survivors be able to uncover the murderer’s identity before it’s too late – again? Watch it now to find out.

3. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

If you are searching for new horror movies coming out, Infinity Pool is what you need to watch this holiday season. This movie has a fancy resort that offers rich guests the chance to clone themselves and live out their deepest cravings. But when one man’s clone turns up dead, he must deal with the consequences of indulging his darkest desires.

4. Cobweb


It was rated as one of the top 10 horror movies 2023 by many websites. In this movie, a woman named Lily finds herself trapped in a mysterious mansion where she gets confronted with her greatest fears while exploring its twisted corridors and hidden chambers. While it didn’t perform well at the box office, it is definitely worth watching.

5. Huesera: The Bone Woman

Huesara - The Bone Women

If you are searching for Halloween movies on Netflix, this one is for you. After accidentally disturbing ancient Aztec remains, a curse transforms a woman named Valeria into a monstrous creature. As she slowly morphs into the dreaded Bone Woman, Valeria races to break the spell before it’s too late. It is a frightening folklore tale with gruesome consequences.

6. The Offering

The Offering

In this movie, a rabbi investigating a strange death at his synagogue unleashes a malicious entity. Now, with an evil presence threatening all he holds dear, he’ll need to stop it before it finishes what it started. This is one of the top-rated Halloween movies on Disney Plus that you can watch with your family this Halloween.

7. Influencer


In this movie, social media stars, especially Madison, think they’ve scored a dream gig at a remote island fest. But little do they know a terrifying force has other plans for them. While the movie was released in May 2023, it is still a great movie to watch in your free time, especially if you are searching for some Halloween movies in 2023.

8. El Conde

El Conde

Friends travelling to a reportedly haunted Mexican hotel find more than ghosts waiting for them. With danger at every turn, they’ll need to solve this mystery pronto if they want to check it out in one piece! The film portrays Augusto Pinochet, who is a symbol of world fascism, as a vampire who lives in a hidden mansion, feeding his appetite for evil.

9. Forest of Death

Forest of Death

As the name says, this movie shows a group of hikers who are trapped in a dark forest and stalked by an unknown creature. As the movie goes along, the group starts facing their deepest fears as they fight to escape with their lives. If you are searching for some classic Halloween movies to watch this season, Forest of Death should definitely be on your list.

10. Talk To Me

Talk To Me

Obsessed with reaching the dead using an embalmed hand, a young woman opens a portal she may not be able to shut. Her group continues to conjure spirits and become hooked on the new thrill until one of them goes too far. The movie has got 82% positive ratings from the viewers on RottenTomatoes, and that makes it one of the best and scariest horror movies 2023.

11. Monster House

Monster House

Monster House sees a group of teenagers coming together to stop a creepy haunted house that seems to have come to life and is eating people in their neighbourhood. Starring talents like Mitchel Musso and Kathleen Turner, this 2006 computer-animated horror film was both a hit with critics and fans, raking in over $222 million against its $75 million budget.

12. Coco


Coco takes us to the magical world of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as a young boy named Miguel dreams of becoming a musician despite his family banning music. His journey to the land of the deceased sees him learning some valuable life lessons. The 2017 Pixar movie featured great vocals from stars like Gael García Bernal and Benjamin Bratt.

13. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a breathtaking 2001 anime classic from Hayao Miyazaki, which sees a 10-year-old girl entering a mysterious spirit world. As she tries to save her parents and find her way back home, she draws on her inner strength and courage. Considered hugely influential, the movie struck a massive yet modest $274 million worldwide.

14. The Goonies

The Goonies

The Goonies takes us back to the 1980s on an adventure with a bunch of young kids trying to find hidden treasure while escaping dangers. Richard Donner brought to life this fun comedy inspired by director Chris Columbus’ childhood. Stars like Sean Astin and Kerri Green led the talented young cast in the $61 million Cult hit.

15. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

Finally, Monsters Inc. scared and delighted kids and adults alike with its tale of Sulley and Mike clandestinely scaring human children. But when a girl named Boo accidentally enters their world, everything changes. The 2001 Pixar movie featuring John Goodman and Billy Crystal was the second animated film from the studio to win an Oscar.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for light-hearted scares to share with kids or hardcore horror films that will keep you up at night, our guide offers movies that will help ring in the spookiest time of the year. So fire up the popcorn popper, turn down the lights, and get ready for hours of screams and fun with these top Halloween movies in 2023.

There are literally thousands of options available out there, but we have mentioned only the best ones on this page. If you have not watched all the movies listed here, go ahead and give each one a watch today. You can keep visiting the ThinAirApps website as we will keep this post updated with more horror movies 2023 Netflix that you can enjoy on Halloween.