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iPadOS 17: News, Release Date, Features and More You Want to Know

Apple’s iPadOS has rapidly evolved since its separation from iOS, offering iPad users a more robust, productivity-centered experience that truly differentiates the tablet from the iPhone. With each annual update, Apple aims to make the iPad a more powerful tool, blending the capabilities of a computer with the portability of a tablet. Let’s dive into the latest edition iPadOS 17.

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iPadOS-17 feature

Expected Release Date of iPadOS 17

As of my last update in September 2021, iPadOS 17’s official release date hasn’t been confirmed. However, if Apple follows its historical pattern, we can expect it to be unveiled during the WWDC event in June 2023 and a public release in September 2023.

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Pre-Order Date Information

Technically, Apple doesn’t have a “pre-order” for its software in the same way it does for hardware. Instead, the term “pre-order” might refer to the date you can download the final public version. Typically, the final version of iPadOS is released in September, a few days before the new iPhones are available in stores. Here you can visit to ipods17 preview.


iPadOS-17 news

Apple’s iPadOS, the dedicated operating system for the iPad lineup, has seen various iterations since its split from iOS. With each new version, Apple typically brings exciting new features, enhancements, and improvements that are tailored specifically for the larger screen and capabilities of the iPad.

Features of iPadOS 17

  1. Revamped Multitasking: Building on previous efforts to make the iPad a multitasking powerhouse, iPadOS 17 introduces new gestures and a more intuitive interface that allows users to manage multiple apps with ease.
  2. Enhanced Apple Pencil Integration: The Apple Pencil has become even more integrated into the iPad experience. New tools, improved latency, and broader app support make it an indispensable tool for creativity and productivity.
  3. Universal Control: Continuing to blur the lines between macOS and iPadOS, Universal Control might be expanded upon, allowing users to use a single mouse and keyboard across their Mac, iPad, and even iPhone.
  4. Augmented Reality (AR) Improvements: With the rumored launch of Apple’s AR glasses, iPadOS 17 may introduce more AR tools and capabilities, making the iPad a central device for AR content creation and consumption.
  5. Widgets and Home Screen Customization: Building on the advancements from iPadOS 15, the new update brings even more customization options, allowing users to further personalize their device.
  6. Safari Enhancements: With competition from other browsers, Safari gets a facelift. Improved tab management, faster speeds, and better extension support are just a few of the expected changes.
  7. Improved Privacy Features: In line with Apple’s emphasis on user privacy, expect to see more granular controls over app permissions, better tracking prevention, and transparency features.
  8. FaceTime Upgrades: In a world increasingly reliant on virtual communication, FaceTime might get further improvements in audio and video quality, as well as more seamless integration with third-party apps and services.
  9. App Library on iPad: Borrowing from iOS, the App Library, which auto-organizes all your apps into categories, may find its way to the iPad, providing a cleaner and more organized user experience.
  10. Enhanced Pro Apps Support: With the success of the M1 iPads, there might be more emphasis on pro-level apps and software that can harness the power of these devices.


iPadOS 17 promises to further push the boundaries of what’s possible with a tablet. From multitasking improvements to deeper Apple Pencil integration, users can expect a more refined and powerful experience. As always, it’s recommended to keep an eye out for official announcements from Apple, which will provide a complete picture of all the new features and improvements.

Note: The above features are speculative and based on the trends observed in previous iPadOS updates. For the latest and official information on iPadOS 17, it’s best to refer to Apple’s announcements and updates.

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